Data Security and Conor McGregor

managed it
exceedtechnology On 11/25/2020

Most of my friends don’t walk around worrying about a data breach affecting their business. I don’t either, but for a very different reason. 

Ignorance and mastery often look the same. I’ve never been in a fight so I don’t walk the streets fearing an assailant any more than Conor MacGregor does. I guess you could say we’re pretty similar.

People don’t fear things they don’t know to fear. It’s a challenge to imagine the terror of things we don’t understand. We hear stories of pain caused to others who were unprepared, but we rarely do something about it until it meets our world. By then, it’s often too late to reverse. Our best hope becomes preventing further damage.

We have three choices when planning for things that may do us harm. 

  1. Do nothing and hope it doesn’t find us
  2. Master the subject and know how to defeat an attack 
  3. Team up with someone who has that exact expertise

Data security isn’t sexy. It doesn’t get much press. Most business owners don’t lie awake at night in fear of a data breach for the same reason I don’t walk around fearing a fight when walking my neighborhood. I don’t know what it costs me to fistfight someone.