Exceed Managed IT Services

A modern, scalable alternative to in-house IT teams

Business changes as fast as the technology it runs on. To meet the demands of modern SMBs, we’ve brewed and fine-tuned a new kind of IT experience. One that’s focused on providing only the services your business needs, when it needs them—without unnecessary overhead. This is Managed Services, and we are your MSP: Managed Services Provider.

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Like Netflix for your tech

Managed IT is a subscription-based service plan that gives you access to the IT resources you need: consulting, maintenance, monitoring, security, storage, connectivity, training, and more. Managed services helps you focus on what you do best—and we’re guessing what you do best is not IT.

Benefits of Exceed Managed Services

50-70% cost savings over hiring internally
25+ years of enterprise IT knowledge
High-value, turn-key service packages
Scalable based on business demand
Easy to budget without the surprises

Managed services are a great fit for…


Healthcare Facilities

Robust technology infrastructure can be the difference between a happy, healthy patient and a two-star Google review.

Legal Firms

Protect your clients’ data and build a scalable tech stack that keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.

Creative Agencies

Creative firms of all stripes need die-hard connectivity, storage, and retrieval to bring their best ideas to life.


Advance your cause with a partner who understands your IT needs as much as your budget.

Growing Small Businesses

All modern SMBs need integrated, reliable tech that helps them grow smart and stay agile in a changing marketplace.
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Managed Services FAQ

Does managed services require a contract?

Because we intensely tailor everything to your needs, our managed services agreements are annual. In the rare case we no longer fit your business needs, your account manager can help find the best option for you.

Which managed services plan is right for my business?

We build our plans to match the scale and support demands of your business. In most cases, the Team level plan is a great place to start. We’d be happy to discuss your needs in detail to ensure you get started with the right plan for you.

What is reactive support?

This is time spent providing assistance with non-scheduled technology issues. For example, the time spent troubleshooting and fixing an error message preventing certain maintenance as well as IT infrastructure management. Our strategy however is to be more on the proactive side to avoid unexpected downtime for your organization.

Is there anything that’s not included?

We’ve tailored all plans to provide you with a turn-key solution based on what you would expect from a traditional internal IT department. However, in some cases project-based work may be required. Some examples of project-based work are modifying network infrastructure and hardware repairs. These projects would be billed separately, with your prior approval.

What happens when my business grows?

Can I change my plan? Because your plan’s pricing is based on both the number of users and devices, we allow for monthly changes as needed. You can change your service level whenever the time is right for you. It just requires a new agreement.

How long does it take to get managed services up and running?

Once the agreement is signed, you can expect to begin a seamless on-boarding process immediately. This process can last up to 6 weeks, depending upon the complexity of your systems.

What if we have an IT staff? How does managed services fit?

If you have a dedicated, internal IT team, we can provide assistance to increase their efficiency while reducing your cost. The other option is that we become your team and produce better results without increasing your management and employee cost burden.

Your managed services plans don’t fit our budget. Do you offer an alternative?

We do! For a more hands-off approach, we offer device and network level management for Mac/PC and Mobile (5 device minimum) as seperate services. This provides you with essential maintenance, security and support at a lower price. Contact us if this option sounds right for you.

How can we help your tech work for you?

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