How does outsourced IT work?

Once you decide it’s time to engage professional IT help for your day to day operations, an onboarding process begins. Solidifying your IT infrastructure is the first step and, depending on your company’s needs it usually takes 4-6 weeks to achieve full support.

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Here’s a roadmap of the onboarding process

📆 Onboarding

Upon signing the agreement: Onboarding Begins

As soon as you become a client at Exceed, we set-up a start date that is most convenient for you. We begin with troubleshooting immediate problems, documenting your existing technology, and uploading your information to configure our monitoring devices and systems.

💬 Week 1

We visit you onsite

It’s important for us to know how your daily work life looks and feels. Your technology is a reflection of your culture so we need to know what matters to you. We’ll spend a little time talking, but much more listening as we gather all the information we need to be your IT department. We begin to learn all your preferences.

💻 Week 2 & 3

IT Planning, Documentation, & Site Visits

    We continue onboarding…

    • Key vendor and employee contact info.
    • IT security reports are reviewed.
    • We discuss your long term tech plans.

📊 Week 4 & Onward

Network Assessment

We’ll schedule a meeting and have your Technology Summary ready. We determine a recurring time for your ongoing IT review.

Ongoing IT Success


We keep you safe

The best IT experience is one where you don’t have to think about your IT. We got it… so you can just do what you do best.

Regular Meetings

We meet weekly to identify potential issues.

identify Problems

We proactively look for issues.

Custom service

We work closely with your team to give you exactly what you need.

Healthcare Facilities

We specialize in the most secure data environments.

Report & Repeat

We keep you in the loop at all times.

Day-to-Day Support


Your team can start using our Support Desk as soon as your agreement begins.


Your IT Manager will monitor network performance.


You'll meet with your manager to build and update your technology plan.