Top 5 qualities to look for in a Managed Services Provider

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exceedtechnology On 11/25/2020

Can I tell you a secret? Nobody outside the IT world knows what a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is. And that’s as it should be. They know they need IT help because their fancy internet-based phone system sounds like their team is calling from a soup can on a string, their WiFi works “most” of the time, and it’s a pain in the sit-down-place to set up new employees with technology. They wish they had someone to take the technical issue load, but hiring a full-time internal IT department doesn’t make financial sense.

Enter: The Managed Services Provider. An MSP is the IT department without associated employer tax or benefits. They proactively monitor and manage your network and devices to keep you up and running with the least amount of downtime. A Managed Services Provider gives you the wide expertise of a team you only paying for what you need..

To find the right tech gurus for your company, focus on these qualities:

  • Trustworthy – Read reviews or talk to current clients. You must trust your IT team to protect your most critical information.
  • Skilled – In a world that is often billed by the hour, it’s key to know your IT crew is efficient. Efficiency comes with mastery.
  • Current – Everyday, new software updates hit the apps we count on to run business. Choose a team the keeps up with the new stuff.
  • Human – This may be the toughest quality to find. IT people usually work with computers because they like them better than people. Find someone who speaks human, and you’ve got yourself a winner.
  • Invisible – The last thing you need is someone chatting up your hourly employees about relevant or irrelevant topics. Your MSP team should be available to you when you need them and nowhere on your mind when you don’t.

A great IT team will change your world. When your technology always works, frustration stays low, production stays high, and you make more money. Want to talk more about it?