Why doesn’t my email work?

managed it
exceedtechnology On 11/25/2020

You know it hasn’t been 4 hours since someone sent you an email. So, you reload. Same message. No new messages. You call your buddy and ask him to send you an email to test it; it goes into the black hole of the internet seemingly never to be found.

Why? You didn’t change anything – Right?


In the world of single sign-on ID’s, you just might have without knowing it.

The convenience of having all our information connected in one place for the ease of logging in to various websites, apps, and memberships has a downside. Everything is connected, so fixing one thing may break another.

You could spend a bunch of time learning what went wrong and how to fix it. You could also have your IT nerd saved in your phone’s “favorites” folder.

The first solution will cost you untold hours in a chase for a solution with the possibility you may be in the same place when your search is complete. The second will cost you a few dollars for the certainty of a solution.

Your time is too valuable to not have us on your team. See how great it can be on the other side of the button below.